Studer Community Institute

By the numbers: Santa Rosa County is the place to be

The Studer Community Institute's Pensacola Metro Dashboard.

Santa Rosa County continues to become an attractive place to live.

Its population grew by 22 percent between 2010 and 2015. That’s nearly 16 percent more than the state’s growth, which was 6.4 percent.

A big reason people are flocking to Santa Rosa is because the community continues to improve its quality of life.

In the dashboard the Studer Community Institute created for the Pensacola Metro, Santa Rosa exceeded state averages in 11 of 16 categories.

From its high school graduation rate to its crime rate to the number of middle-class households, Santa Rosa’s numbers were better than the state numbers.

A breakdown of the Pensacola Metro Dashboard by county will appear in the Sunday, Oct. 18, edition of the Pensacola News Journal, and the Thursday, Oct. 22, edition of InWeekly.

Escambia County exceeded state averages in five of 16 categories. The county’s most impressive showing was in the number of middle-class households, which grew to 64.5 percent. The state average is 63.4 percent.

The Santa Rosa and Escambia dashboards, which also will appear on, show year-over-year performance changes in addition to comparisons to state averages.

The Metro Dashboard, which combines the Santa Rosa and Escambia metrics, was updated last month and can be found at