Pensacola is a place that gives

Every year around this time people from all over are getting into the spirit of giving.

While the holidays are a time to give, Pensacola has earned a reputation as a charitable place to live and give throughout the year and beyond.

Of the 10 most generous, giving towns in Florida, Pensacola ranks No. 9, according to, a website of The Chronicle of Philanthropy, which measures, rates and writes about philanthropic endeavors.

The Pensacola metropolitan area donated a total of $188,497,000, which was 3.74 percent of its total adjusted gross income.

“The Emerald Coast sure gave a lot of green,” the article said.

Florida, in fact, is ranked 18th of all the states in charitable donations, based on 2012 data broken down by metropolitan statistical areas.

Floridians gave 3,38 percent of their adjusted gross incomes to charity, which translated to $11.14 billion.

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