Training & Development

Enjoying mid-year reviews

Who doesn’t love “me” time?

Accountability and developing talent is an important part of creating a culture where we are constantly striving for excellence. At Studer Community Institute we are fortunate to use a program called the Leader Evaluation Manager®, or LEM, developed by the Studer Group. The LEM is where I record, track and share my goals.

I access the LEM on a regular basis to keep myself focused and manage my plate. Each month, I use it to do a quick pulse check with my leader. At the half-year mark, we get together and look in-depth at the goals that were set for the year during a mid-year review. This week was my opportunity to sit down for a longer period with my leader and spend some quality time dedicated to me.

I understand if a review of your goals doesn’t fill you with enthusiasm or take you to your happy place. Nevertheless, if you treat it as your time it’s a great opportunity to:
1. Look at what is working well
2. Evaluate your accomplishments
3. Figure out what you need to tighten up or change
4. Communicate and ask for help, if necessary
5. Focus on doing the work that is going to achieve results and make a difference
6. Develop your career plans
7. Help your boss become a better leader for you

We use a template to guide the meeting that can be downloaded here. The template is sent out to employees in advance of the meeting, and time should be taken to prepare. Think about it as taking time to not only help the company hit goals, but also to position yourself to hit your goals.

Working on enhancing and improving your career is up to you.
If your company doesn’t offer a mid-year review, give one to yourself. If you’re an entrepreneur, give your business a mid-year review. If you need support, know that Studer Community Institute is here to help you.