Training & Development

Get the essentials for your company’s success

Whether you’re a one-person operation or a larger company, ongoing improvement is the name of the game.

Most business owners and leaders have a passion for their product, but being disciplined about processes can be hard. The key is a structured approach to improve performance through connecting every employee to values.

Join Studer Community Institute on April 21 for “Three Essentials for Every Successful Organization – Passion, Discipline, and Structure: How to Improve Performance by Connecting to Company Values and Standards.” At the session Quint Studer, SCI Founder and faculty member will share:

  • His learnings in connecting actions to values to improve outcomes.
    Methodology to help move a person’s action to motivate others to be successful. 
  • Tactics on how to help yourself and others make the transition from “player to coach.”
    A simple way to diagnose your organization’s sense of urgency.

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