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Practice makes perfect sense

Successful people do things right so often that it becomes part of the subconscious, so even when the most stressful times arise, the right action is taken. Read full story


7 tips to make your work-related resolutions successful in 2017

While most of the popular New Year’s resolutions — eat right, work out more, learn a new language — might be personal, there are always attainable resolutions in the workplace. Read full story


Studer: It’s the time of year to thank your employees

Take time as the year ends to send a note to all of your employees and list the positives. Hang a note somewhere in the workplace listing all the good news. Encourage others to add to the list. Then build it into a regular practice in 2017. Read full story

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Right words, right time, right reason leads to customer happiness

A vital component of providing great customer service is having the employee say the right words at the right time for the right reason. Read full story

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Employee engagement: Difficult, but worth it

Gallup research finds investing in the development of great managers leads to engaged employees which creates engaged customers. That leads to growth and increases success. Read full story

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What if my boss is the problem?

In all my years, the most frequent question by far is: "What if my boss is the problem?" Here are some strategies to deal with that very tough problem. Read full story

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How to cultivate positive feedback

Changing your company's culture to one that nurtures constructive, positive feedback and filters out unproductive negative feedback is hard. Here's some advice on how to make it easier. Read full story

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Are you wearing your boss out?

Just as you crave feedback from your boss, supervisors like to know when they do some right. Don't be the person who only brings a problem to your boss. Read full story

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How unhappy customers can help you shine and grow

How can your business improve by embracing the idea that a complaint is a gift? Find out in Quint Studer's column. Read full story

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Finding room for forgiveness at work

Fear is a factor in an organization that reduces the opportunity to coach an employee and improve work processes. Read full story

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Leadership tip: carry your own message

As a leader, sometimes we have people that bring us information. Don’t let somebody carry somebody else’s message, because it hurts their development. Read full story

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Leadership tip: be interested instead of interesting

Employees are most engaged when they feel their leader cares about them as a person. Read full story