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Reggie Dogan Project Manager

Studer Community Institute

Update: Building a community to build a baby’s brain

At the heart of Studer Community’s Institute mission of improving the Pensacola Metro’s quality of life is getting more kids ready for kindergarten. Read full story

Studer Community Institute

SCI parent outreach: Building strong partnerships

The ultimate goal of this parent outreach initiative is to work with parents and caregivers to build strong and effective partnerships that can help children and families strive. Read full story

Studer Community Institute

Parent support groups build strong relationships

The support and assistance that agencies and organizations provide for parents may be the first and real opportunity they have had to put plans in action to change and improve their lives Read full story


Helping parents help their children reach developmental milestones

Developing partnerships and relationships go a long way in finding the right people and places to help parents help their children succeed in school and in life. Read full story


High quality childcare is vital to kindergarten readiness

Choosing quality care is important for babies and toddlers, who need nurturing, safe environments in order to thrive. Read full story

Studer Community Institute

Finding the right model to prepare children for kindergarten

It's critically important to find the right model to help parents and caregivers develop and use the best tools to help their children reach their developmental milestones and be ready for kindergarten. Read full story


Helping parents bridge the early learning gap

A new venture for the Studer Community Institute is to promote parental engagement and help parents bridge the early learning gap to improve kindergarten readiness. Read full story


Brownsville Book Fest aims to increase literacy

The inaugurals Brownsville Book Fest aims to help amilies with children ages 4 to 12 experience the joy of reading in a creative environment. Read full story


Investment in early learning brings higher returns

A Nobel-winning economist groundbreaking study shines a spotlight on the importance of quality early education programs in reducing taxpayer costs and preparing the workforce for competition in a global economy. Read full story


Parent engagement is crucial to early learning

When families are fully engaged, home visits build strong relationships that can help lead to long-term and lasting benefits for the children and their families. Read full story


Pensacola Lighthouse is shining a light on early education

The Pensacola Lighthouse and Museum has plans to make the visit for younger children of family and tourists a more engaging experience by focusing on and enhancing early education. Read full story

EntreCon 2016

Experience and expertise keys to success for entrepreneurs

It takes experience, expertise and excellence for an organization to break through the clutter of competition to succeed in a competitive marketplace, says EntreCon keynote speaker Tommy Duncan. Read full story