Reggie Dogan

Reggie Dogan Project Manager


The power of talking to babies

Research shows that talking more with babies is one of the most critical elements in their brain development. Read full story


LENA Start gets parents talking to their babies

LENA Start is focused on helping parents build good talk habits that will have an impact babies in the program’s 13-week duration by providing parents with a powerful resource to keep talk top of mind. Read full story


Mentors make a difference

Mentors can become the influential surrogate that allows mentees to think through difficult challenges together, break down barriers and open doors where necessary. Read full story


WSRE’s inStudio shines light on early childhood education

Pensacola aims to transform “America’s First Settlement” into the “First Early Learning City,” a place in which the entire community builds a culture of lifelong learning. Read full story


Providing parents tools to develop their babies’ brains

Reaching children in their earliest years can help ensure that they get the healthy and strong start they need to begin school ready to learn and grow. Read full story


Mentoring moms can make a difference

Mentoring Moms are caring women who understand how hard it is to raise a family and want to make life a bit easier for another mother. Read full story


Career day gives Weis Elementary kids a glimpse of their future

Career day is no longer just for middle or high school. Exposing children at a young age to the world of work can help broaden their perspective and spur them to more interesting and productive careers. Read full story


Help SCI win A Community Thrives grant with your vote

The Studer Community Institute pitched an idea in the national contest that is awarding up to $100,000 to help improve the community and to make this a better place to live. Read full story


Partnerships make communities better, families stronger

A key part of SCI's efforts is building relationships and creating partnerships to be in the best position to offer parents support to help develop the tools and skills to improve their children’s lives. Read full story


Helping children in their growth and development

Throughout Escambia County are agencies and organizations that offer services to assist young mothers and their children in their growth and development. Read full story

Studer Community Institute

Pen Air/SCI partnership is an investment in early education

Pen Air Federal Credit Union and Studer Community Institute announced their partnership of the Early Brain Development initiative at the Blue Wahoos Stadium. Read full story


Investment in early education through community partnerships

Building relationships and creating partnerships go a long way in establishing programs that help people and communities grow and thrive. Read full story