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Brownsville Book Fest aims to increase literacy

The inaugurals Brownsville Book Fest aims to help amilies with children ages 4 to 12 experience the joy of reading in a creative environment. Read full story


Investment in early learning brings higher returns

A Nobel-winning economist groundbreaking study shines a spotlight on the importance of quality early education programs in reducing taxpayer costs and preparing the workforce for competition in a global economy. Read full story


Parent engagement is crucial to early learning

When families are fully engaged, home visits build strong relationships that can help lead to long-term and lasting benefits for the children and their families. Read full story


Pensacola Lighthouse is shining a light on early education

The Pensacola Lighthouse and Museum has plans to make the visit for younger children of family and tourists a more engaging experience by focusing on and enhancing early education. Read full story

EntreCon 2016

Experience and expertise keys to success for entrepreneurs

It takes experience, expertise and excellence for an organization to break through the clutter of competition to succeed in a competitive marketplace, says EntreCon keynote speaker Tommy Duncan. Read full story

EntreCon 2016

EntreCon 2016: Risks and rewards of entrepreneurship

The rewards outweigh the risks when entrepreneurs strike out on their own to start and run a successful business. Read full story

EntreCon 2016

Hiring talented people builds a culture of success

EntreCon keynote speaker Brad Black conveyed the critical importance of growing and sustaining a company by getting the right people in the right places in an organization. Read full story

Training & Development

EntreCon 2016: Sharing the story of success

As chairman of board of Home BancShares, John W. Allison now runs a $10 billion company with 151 branches and more than 1,500 employees. He will be a keynote speaker at EntreCon 2016. Read full story

Studer Community Institute

SCI TV Show: Improving early education one step at a time

Two area groups are take important steps in the long journey to make Pensacola America's First Early Learning City. Read full story

Training & Development

Aspiring entrepreneurs pitch their ideas at Get Started Pensacola

Find out which five entrepreneurs were chosen for Get Started Pensacola, which kicks off EntreCon, the Studer Community Institute’s annual two-day conference in downtown Pensacola. Read full story

Training & Development

EntreCon 2016: Creating a high-performing culture for success

EntreCon keynote speaker Thomas Duncan's company, Trusted Health Plan, has built momentum not only with its core business but also throughout the healthcare industry. Read full story


Montclair Elementary looking inside and out to get back on top

First-year Principal Hollie Wilkins believes that her students and staff can again rise to top as a high-performing A school in Escambia County. Read full story