Reggie Dogan

Reggie Dogan Project Manager


Parent program only half as good without fathers

Fathers are just as important to healthy child development as mothers, too often the father is missing in the family picture, leaving it up to the single mother to raise and nurture the child. Read full story


Parent outreach program offers valuable lessons

Studer Community Institute is using and building on the important principles of the Thirty Million Words Initiative in its parent outreach programs in Pensacola. Read full story


Providing tools to build babies’ brains

Studer Community Institute is among agencies and organizations throughout Escambia County that offer services to assist young mothers and their children in their growth and development. Read full story

Studer Community Institute

In-home visits enhance brain development in babies

Early childhood home visiting has been shown to be an effective service delivery model for at-risk young children and their families. Read full story


Parent involvement crucial to child’s success

A critical part of our mission to improve the quality of life everyone in Northwest Florida is getting more children ready for kindergarten. To help the children means helping their parents. Read full story


Words are food for a baby’s brain

The relationships with the important people in a baby’s life can literally shape and develop the intricate structure of an infant’s brain. Read full story


School grades: Santa Rosa up, Escambia stays the same

School grades provide parents and the general public an easily understandable way to measure the performance of a school and understand how well each school is serving its students. Read full story


Chicago Bears showcase Josh Sitton’s good deeds

Chicago Bears profiled Josh Sitton's good works last week in hosting a fundraiser for the Studer Community Institute. Read full story


Building babies’ brains through words

The more words a baby hears in the first three years of life, the better prepared for school and for life she will be. That’s good for the parent, the baby and the community at large. Read full story


Building babies’ brains through home visits

Providing professionals who make home visits the tools and skills to assist at-risk parents is another important step in helping young children reach developmental milestones. Read full story


Pensacola’s Expo: A glimpse of what the future holds

Pensacola’s Expo is another example of Studer Family of Companies’ mission to improve the quality of life for everyone in Northwest Florida. Read full story


The power of talking to babies

Research shows that talking more with babies is one of the most critical elements in their brain development. Read full story