Shannon Nickinson

Shannon Nickinson Project Manager


Sign the volunteer wall

During National Volunteer Month, local nonprofits want Pensacolians to get into the spirit of giving. Read full story


Studers, Vigodskys partner in BLAB

PRESS RELEASE — Today BLAB TV and Studer Community Development announced a partnership which will build on the 30-year history and impact of BLAB TV and local programming. Read full story


What Pensacon brings to the table

Pensacon drew more than 11,000 people to the Pensacola Bay Center over three days. How that turnout could be key to expanding Pensacola's tourism season. Read full story


Fish hatchery project group

The proposed fish hatchery at Bruce Beach does not stand alone. Read full story


"Can we get there?"

Jerry Maygarden seemed to have more on his mind this morning that just bringing change to the Pensacola Chamber of Commerce. Based on the tone and tenor of his speech at the chamber’s monthly Gopher Club breakfast, the former mayor, legislator and business leader is out to Pensacola itself. Read full story


Bruce Beach Hatchery: Gil McRae Q and A with graphic

Fish are Gil McRae’s thing. Read full story

Shannon's Window

Shannon's Window: Moving Bruce Beach forward

Bruce Beach deserves its time in the sun. Read full story


Shannon's Window: The new college choice

It’s hard to think when you’re hungry. Read full story


Pensacola Jazz Festival ready to swing

Hep cats and cool kittens, get ready to swing. Read full story

Shannon's Window

Shannon's Window: Rethinking high school

This article in The Atlantic is one of several efforts in the last few months to highlight the “skills gap” between what the American public education system produces and what the work force demands. Read full story


Gear up, baseball fans

Look alive, Pensacola baseball fans. Read full story


Study: Escambia's health needs checkup

PRESS RELEASE — A new report showing Escambia County was 57th in the State of Florida for healthiness was disappointing but not surprising, said David Sjoberg, Executive Director of Partnership for a Healthy Community. Read full story