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David Bear: What I Love about Pensacola

David Bear’s family business, Bear Distributing, has been in Pensacola for generations. Community service is something Bear says was ingrained in him from a young age. He parlayed his love of the arts into his work as president of Arts, Culture and Entertainment Inc., which promotes local arts groups. Listen to why he thinks a vibrant arts scene improves Pensacola quality of life and economic prospects. Read full story


Lumon May: What I Love about Pensacola

Lumon May is the chairman of the Escambia County Commission who represents District 3. He is part of a wave of new civic leaders whose generation is coming into its own in terms of community leadership. Listen to what May says is the greatest resource Pensacola has, which he says has been for too long untapped. Read full story


Brian Hooper: What I Love about Pensacola

Lawyer Brian Hooper and his wife moved to Pensacola four years ago, and even in that time, he says they have seen great strides made in improving the quality of life here. Even as he sees local government trying to function more efficiently, listen to what he says are three things that hold us back. Read full story


UWF researcher's invention going international

Something Joseph Moss noodled around on in the lab at UWF is about to go international. Read full story


Bethany Hill: What I Love about Pensacola

Bethany Hill uses her real estate professional’s eye to see the potential in Pensacola’s older neighborhoods and empty parcels. Listen to what this member of Pensacola Young Professionals says we need to focus on to get out of our “one step up and two steps back” approach to progress. Read full story


Pensacola's man in a storm

Stormchaser Jim Edds' iamges brought home the damage Typhoon Haiyan wrought

Seeking refuge in the pool was a first for Jim Edds. Read full story


What we love about Pensacola

I know what I love about Pensacola. Read full story


Building on hope

Health and Hope Clinic are on a bit of an expansion binge. Read full story


PHS recognizes National Merit Scholars

Look at the big brains on these kids. Read full story

Shannon's Window

Shannon’s Window: The case for cleaning up

Modern American cities should not be brought to their knees by a thunderstorm. Read full story

Shannon's Window

Shannon’s Window: Is sorry really the hardest word?

Sir Elton says sorry is the hardest word. Thanks may not be far behind. Read full story


The “Million Dollar Teacher”

Some of the kids at Oakcrest Elementary School are calling John Herber “the million dollar teacher.” Read full story