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Shannon's Window: Making the grade on graduation

Whatever is in the water at West Florida High School, let’s bottle it. Read full story

Shannon's Window

Shannon's Window: Partnership putting us on a healthier track

It would be great if this Christmas present turned into a new year’s resolution we all could live with. Read full story


Justice Department wants big changes at Escambia County Jail

The U.S. Department of Justice created quite a to-do list for the Escambia County Jail. Read full story


Can a shark sneak up on you?

A UWF professor and a shark expert teamed up to learn more about how sharks see humans

A UWF statistics expert has teamed up with Erich Ritter, a shark expert, to learn that sharks no the difference between the front and back of a human. Read full story

Florida IHMC

Atlas heads to Homestead

Atlas the Robot is coming for you, Homestead. Read full story


Changing the world one paint job at a time

Rick Dye wants all his hippie buddies to know that they still have a chance to change the world. Read full story

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Shannon's Window: To Hamburg on a wing and a prayer

News that suppliers to the Airbus A320 facility in Mobile are years away from coming stateside means no aerospace stocking stuffers this year for Pensacola. Read full story

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What's keeping Pensacola off Kiplinger's radar?

We’ve got what Kiplinger says it takes. Read full story


Window opens for third round of NRDA money

Restoration projects in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties that are set for funding in the next round of NRDA funding from the BP oil spill disaster. Read full story

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Giving matters — now and all year long

Why does giving matter? Read full story


Brice Harris: What I Love about Pensacola

Brice Harris says our high quality of life, relatively low cost of living and abundant natural resources are our strengths. But to shake our status as the poorest metropolitan area in the state, listen to what the associate director of the office of economic engagement at UWF says would help stabilize and grow our economy. Read full story


Holly Jurnovoy: What I Love about Pensacola

Holly Jurnovoy is lawyer and is the current president of IMPACT 100 Pensacola Bay Area, the largest chapter of the women’s philanthropy group in the world. Pensacola’s generous spirit is one of the things Jurnovoy says make us special. Listen to find out how she thinks we can build on that for even greater good. Read full story