Shannon Nickinson

Shannon Nickinson Project Manager


County’s Play, Grow Learn effort offering spring break program

Escambia County's Play, Learn, Grow program is offering a free spring break camp. Check out the details here. Read full story


Update: Brain Bags on target to launch mid-March

The Brain Bag is meant as something to help get the conversation started — between parent and child, grandparent and child, and between parent and healthcare professional. Read full story


Saving the American Dream for “Our Kids”

Robert Putnam, a public policy professor at Harvard University and bestselling author, who will be part of WSRE’s Public Square Speakers Series, in partnership with Studer Community Institute, on April 18. Read full story


Building momentum toward Brain Bags

Staff at all three of the birthing hospitals in Escambia County have embraced the idea of the Brain Bags. Read full story


Early Learning City: Media

The road to creating an Early Learning City includes partners in the media and communication fields to spread the word to parents, grandparents and caregivers about the power of talk to build a baby's brain. Read full story


Thirty Million Words Initiative and the power of parent talk

Later this year, Pensacola moms and babies will be part of the University of Chicago's research on how to boost parent knowledge of early brain development. Read full story


“P is For Pelican” coming soon

One nice aspect of the Brain Bag project has been the chance to share what we hope will be the first of many books with new moms and babies — "P is for Pelican." Read full story


Update: The Brain Bag Roadshow

The Baby Steps book is meant to help parents track some of the developmental markers in the first three years of a child's life. Read full story


Museum Plaza will contain early learning elements

The University of West Florida Historic Trust broke ground on Jan. 31 for Museum Plaza, a historic preservation and education project that will help tell the story of Pensacola’s rich history. Read full story

Training & Development

SCI Training: Leveraging employee engagement

How can employee engagement work for you and your business? Learn more on Feb. 24. Read full story


What’s in Gov. Scott’s 2017 budget for early learning?

Statewide proposed increase of $36 million in early learning could mean nearly $1 million for two programs in Escambia County, local officials say. Read full story


SCI’s early learning priorities for 2017

Three projects that Studer Community Institute has under way this year aim to support children and parents to make the most of early learning opportunities. Read full story