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LENA Start groups showing progress in boosting parent talk

Studer Community Institute is halfway through its LENA Start project and we can share some preliminary data about our results. Read full story

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When will we be ‘Harvard smart’ on early learning?

Researchers advocate for science-backed innovation and intervention to help close the achievement gap in early learning. Now is the time to listen. Read full story


Closing Escambia’s achievement gap can pay great dividends

Finding a way for Escambia schools to help close the "achievement gap" for our students will pay off in better education outcomes, economic opportunities and quality of life. Read full story


SCI invites ‘Thirty Million Words’ author Dana Suskind to Pensacola

Renowned pediatric surgeon and author Dr. Dana Suskind is coming to Pensacola to share her research on improving kindergarten readiness by helping young brains grow through language. Read full story


There is no excuse for the growing achievement gap

It take more than talking and research to close the widening achievement gaps. Policymakers and educators have to admit that we live in a vastly unequal and unjust society that creates real problems that we see in schools before children ever even arrive on campus. Read full story