Thanking the women of IMPACT 100 for their faith

Lucky and grateful are two things we should all be every day. Which is why I was pleased that the women of IMPACT 100 Pensacola Bay Area gave me the chance to express that gratitude this week. Read full story


Brain Bags launch as part of Early Learning City effort

The first IMPACT Brain Bags are going home with new moms at Pensacola area hospitals. The bags were designed as early literacy gift bags to help parents begin to understand the power of parent talk in the early development of a child’s brain. Read full story


Brain Bag teaching points can help ‘language nourishment’

Georgia is tackling the "30 million word gap" as a matter of public health. We hope the IMPACT Brain Bag can be a small piece of a similar effort in Pensacola. Read full story

Early Learning City

Early Learning City: Healthcare

Steps the healthcare community can take to give parents on the critical importance of exposure to language from ages 0 to 4. Read full story


How far did Escambia kindergartners come in a year?

In one year, Escambia County's kindergartners make remarkable progress thanks to their teachers. To get more of them where they need to be, the community needs to pitch in. Read full story


Using BRAIN Bags to build parent power

For nearly 20 years, a nonprofit has helped Martin and St. Lucie county parents understand the power their voice can have in building their baby's brain. Read full story