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Update: Brain Bags on target to launch mid-March

The Brain Bag is meant as something to help get the conversation started — between parent and child, grandparent and child, and between parent and healthcare professional. Read full story


Update: The Brain Bag Roadshow

The Baby Steps book is meant to help parents track some of the developmental markers in the first three years of a child's life. Read full story


SCI’s early learning priorities for 2017

Three projects that Studer Community Institute has under way this year aim to support children and parents to make the most of early learning opportunities. Read full story


As Brain Bags build, we find more early learning voices

It's clear that early education is on a lot of people minds, locally and across the country. It's exciting to think about the role SCI and Pensacola can have on our community. Read full story


Parent engagement is crucial to early learning

When families are fully engaged, home visits build strong relationships that can help lead to long-term and lasting benefits for the children and their families. Read full story


How we hope Brain Bags can help kindergarten readiness

It’s the time of year when thanks to the good and generous women of IMPACT 100 Pensacola Bay Area, we at SCI are in the thick of getting our IMPACT Brain Bags together. Read full story

Studer Community Institute

IMPACT awards more than $1 million to local nonprofits

Studer Community Institute among winners of the 2016 grants

Studer Community Institute was among 10 nonprofits that received grants from IMPACT 100 Pensacola Bay Area Sunday at the group’s annual meeting. Read full story


SCI hopes to put “brain bags” in the hands of every new mom

Studer Community Institute is among the finalists for a grant from IMPACT 100 for a project that will try to educate parents about the power of language to build babies' brains. Read full story


SCI among IMPACT 100’s grant finalists

Studer Community Institute is among the finalists, which draw from five focus areas: Arts & Culture; Education; Environment, Recreation and Preservation; Family; and Health. Read full story


Building readiness among infants now

The relationships with the important people in a baby’s life can literally shape and form the intricate structure of an infant’s brain. Read full story