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Quint column: Don’t throw co-workers under the bus

The most interesting question I received this week was about not throwing co-workers “under the bus.” In other words, not making yourself look good at someone else’s expense. Read full story

Training & Development

Customer loyalty starts with company culture

Loyalty is not for sale with gimmicks or promotions. Customer service begins inside the organization and starts with the culture of the company. Read full story

Training & Development

Harnessing the Power of Exemplary Customer Service

On June 23, join Donna Kirby, Pensacola Blue Wahoos vice president of operational development and customer service expert, and learn about building a culture around customer service. Read full story

Training & Development

How to cultivate positive feedback

Changing your company's culture to one that nurtures constructive, positive feedback and filters out unproductive negative feedback is hard. Here's some advice on how to make it easier. Read full story

Training & Development

MAY 6 TRAINING: The work conversations you dread most

Lynne Cunningham, is the author of a new book on the topic which covers why we shy away from these critical conversations. She provides the tools and tactics to navigate them confidently and effectively. Read full story

Studer Community Institute

Quint Studer hosts CEO “Rectangular Table” breakfast

On June 12, seven local business leaders from various industries attended a “Rectangular Table” breakfast with Quint. The Studers graciously opened their home and hosted the event. Read full story