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Training & Development

EntreCon 2017: Build and grow your skills — and your business

EntreCon 2017 is bringing a great lineup of speakers to help business leaders and employees develop their skills and lead their businesses to success. Read full story


Building early learning into premier Pensacola skatepark

Jon Shell’s vision for a top-of-the-line skate park is something he’s been pursuing for more than a year. And he wants to make sure early learning for Pensacola’s youngest citizens is built into it from the beginning. Read full story

Training & Development

Happy employees: One of the keys to a successful organization

Happy employees take better care of the customer — you can operate a business based on love and care and in the end, not only is it profitable, but all of our stakeholders can thrive. Read full story

Training & Development

Enjoying mid-year reviews

The half-year mark is the right time to get together with your leader and look in-depth at the goals that were set for the year. Read full story


Parks building brain power in play

The Story Walk at Bryan Park in northeast Pensacola is an example of how early learning can be woven into public spaces — and how Pensacola could be better off for it. Read full story

Training & Development

Six reasons why high-performing companies invest in leadership training

Organizations who invest in employee training and development have an average of 24 percent higher profit margins and a 218 percent higher income per employee. Read full story

Training & Development

EntreCon: Quint Studer talks Business with Beck Partners

Quint Studer sits down with Justin Beck, of Beck Partners to learn how he implemented techniques to improve employee engagement. Read full story


Baptist Health Care’s expansion fever

One of Pensacola's largest employers has three projects in the works to grow their service footprint, expand access to care

Baptist Health Care, one of Pensacola's largest employers, has three projects in the works to grow their service footprint and expand access to care Read full story


Proposal would allow city school districts

A proposed constitutional amendment that would allow cities to form their own school districts Read full story


ECUA now owns long-vacant Palafox building

The ECUA bought a long-vacant North Palafox Street property near Pensacola's North Hill neighborhood. Read full story


Shannon’s Window: An investment we can live with

Helping people make better health choices isn't only good for the waistline — it's good business' bottom line. Read full story


Shannon’s Window: Hixardt deal’s second chance

If the Hixardt deal is deemed a good investment for Pensacola, may its path to fruition be shorter and less fraught with peril than it was in the past. Read full story