Connie Bookman


Mentoring builds better people and stronger community

Mentors can help encourage positive choices, promote high self-esteem, support educational achievement and introduce new, life-building and life-changing ideas. Read full story


Providing tools to build babies’ brains

Studer Community Institute is among agencies and organizations throughout Escambia County that offer services to assist young mothers and their children in their growth and development. Read full story


Building babies’ brains through words

The more words a baby hears in the first three years of life, the better prepared for school and for life she will be. That’s good for the parent, the baby and the community at large. Read full story


Update: Building a community through partnerships

Reaching and teaching children in their earliest years can help ensure that they get the best start they need to begin school ready to learn, grow and thrive. Read full story

Studer Community Institute

Parent support groups build strong relationships

The support and assistance that agencies and organizations provide for parents may be the first and real opportunity they have had to put plans in action to change and improve their lives Read full story

Training & Development

EntreCon 2016: Entrepreneur Award winners

The results are in, and the winners of the 2016 Entrepreneur Awards, sponsored by Studer Community Institute, are ready for their close up Read full story


Bridging the parts of broken lives

Pathways for Change marks decade of helping rehabilitate drug/alcohol offenders

Pathways For Change celebrates 10 years of helping men in the criminal justice system with substance abuse problems find a better path, not reoffend. Read full story


Pathways’ Bookman appointed to Florida Bar committee

Connie Bookman, founder and CEO of Pensacola nonprofit Pathways for Change, has been appointed to the Advertising Committee of the Florida Bar Association. Read full story

Community service

Pensacola Mud Run raised $55,000

Lots of folks got muddy for a good cause on Oct. 11. Read full story


Pathways For Change hits the lottery

GTECH, Florida Lottery donating $10,000 for computer lab at nonprofit's after school program

A $10,000 donation from GTECH, Florida Lottery will help Pensacola's Pathways For Change build a computer lab for their after-school program Read full story


Making a path to change

Shavette Shoulders is a daughter of Truman Arms who came home to show it could be done. Read full story