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EntreCon 2017

EntreCon 2017: Build, Grow, Lead, Develop

Kevin Sheridan kicked off EntreCon 2017 with a funny, strong presentation about how engaged employees can make your business — and how to re-energize your "working dead." Read full story

Training & Development

Quint column: Don’t throw co-workers under the bus

The most interesting question I received this week was about not throwing co-workers “under the bus.” In other words, not making yourself look good at someone else’s expense. Read full story

Training & Development

Quint’s column: You can’t please all customers

What do you do when your customer service, then your service recovery tactics, have deemed pleasing a customer impossible? Read full story

Training & Development

Quint column: Takeaway tips from Bob Murphy

More than 140 people left Bob’s presentation with more skills and tools to create great customer service than when their day started. Read full story

Training & Development

Make customer service your mantra

70 percent of customers hit the road, not because of price or product quality issues, but because they did not like the human side of doing business with the provider

Delivering a great customer experience — especially in bad times — is critical to your own success and the success of your business or organization. Read full story

Training & Development

SCI Training: Content marketing strategies deliver results, build relationships

The Studer Community Institute's content marketing workshop on Aug. 24 will help you develop a strategic content marketing plan to grow your business or not-for-profit. Read full story

Training & Development

Customer loyalty starts with company culture

Loyalty is not for sale with gimmicks or promotions. Customer service begins inside the organization and starts with the culture of the company. Read full story

Training & Development

Harnessing the Power of Exemplary Customer Service

On June 23, join Donna Kirby, Pensacola Blue Wahoos vice president of operational development and customer service expert, and learn about building a culture around customer service. Read full story

Training & Development

How unhappy customers can help you shine and grow

How can your business improve by embracing the idea that a complaint is a gift? Find out in Quint Studer's column. Read full story

Training & Development

Executing Excellent Customer Service

Studer Community Institute faculty member and internationally renowned speaker Bob Murphy, explains why training and development improves outcomes for individuals, businesses and the community. Read full story

Studer Community Institute

A record crowd attends Studer Community Institute’s ‘Achieving Excellent Customer Service’ workshop

More than 250 business owners packed Hillcrest Baptist Church in Pensacola on Tuesday, Aug. 18, to learn about making customers happy. Read full story

Training & Development

Institute workshop gets rave reviews

More than 240 people attended a Studer Community Institute workshop on Tuesday, Aug. 18, which participants graded as the most successful training to date that the Institute has sponsored. Read full story