early brain development


What’s in a name? For early brain growth, a lot it turns out

University of Florida researchers find books that give characters specific names may help boost brain activity in 6-12-month olds

Are some books better choices than others, especially for children under age 12 to 18 months? Maybe yes, says one study. Read full story


Brain Bags boost Arc, Early Childhood Court programs

The SCI Brain Bag is being used throughout the community in many ways to help parents understand the power of talk and interaction to build a baby's brain. Read full story


You’ve got to be carefully taught

Study indicates that children understand fairness as early as age 12 months

Now an article in the journal Scientific American says as early as age 12 months, children understand the concept of fairness. And they don't like it when other kids get short-shrift. Read full story


Journal urges pediatricians to advocate for strong early learning

Bringing pediatricians into the effort to create an Early Learning City is a key next step in that campaign's evolution. Read full story


What’s your ACES score?

Studies point to the link between "toxic stress" and early brain development

Science is showing the link between “toxic stress” — repeated, frequent exposure of a young, developing brain to stress — damages that child’s ability to learn and process information throughout the rest of that baby’s life. Read full story


Brain Bags: Sweet music to build a brain by

The University of West Florida donated a recording of lullaby music to the Brain Bag project. Rhythm, repetition, even the math of music, are all pieces of the puzzle of early brain development. Read full story


SCI’s early learning priorities for 2017

Three projects that Studer Community Institute has under way this year aim to support children and parents to make the most of early learning opportunities. Read full story


Brain Bag teaching points can help ‘language nourishment’

Georgia is tackling the "30 million word gap" as a matter of public health. We hope the IMPACT Brain Bag can be a small piece of a similar effort in Pensacola. Read full story