Early Learning Coalition of Escambia County


LENA uses power of words to build babies’ brains

The goal of LENA is to close gaps in cognitive, emotional and social development, and to improve school readiness by building brains in babies. Read full story


LENA Start launches in Pensacola, the first in Florida

Research shows that the more words children hear in the first three years of life builds the brain structure that will be needed later to support reading and thinking skills. Read full story


The power of talking to babies

Research shows that talking more with babies is one of the most critical elements in their brain development. Read full story


WSRE’s inStudio shines light on early childhood education

Pensacola aims to transform “America’s First Settlement” into the “First Early Learning City,” a place in which the entire community builds a culture of lifelong learning. Read full story


Building babies brains one step at a time

Every contact made, each partnership created is another step closer to nurturing successful lives in talking to children in important ways to build their brains. Read full story

Early Learning City

Early Learning City: Resources

In this ad, SCI looks at the existing resources that can help build Pensacola into an Early Learning City. Read full story

Studer Community Institute

SCI TV Show: Improving early education one step at a time

Two area groups are take important steps in the long journey to make Pensacola America's First Early Learning City. Read full story


SCI TV Show: Getting ready for preschool

Head Start and the Early Learning Coalition of Escambia County is looking for young children from ages 0 to 5 years to fill spots in their preschool classrooms. Read full story


Helping children get a head start

The more children who enter kindergarten well-prepared, the less time and energy teachers have to devote to helping children who are behind catch up to those with the head start. Read full story


Escambia offcials take in quality talk in New Orleans

Escambia County early learning officials will join peers at a national conference in July on quality rating systems in early education. Read full story


Early childhood intervention makes the most difference

Our county’s future well-being depends on developing baby’s brains and getting children ready for kindergarten. Read full story


CARE Act could expand access to early ed

Child Care Access to Resources for Early-learning Act would boost funding for School Readiness, which already helps 3,000 Escambia children. Read full story