Early learning


Seeing the PreK investment as economic development

Early learning is an investment that saves public money in the long term — something that should appeal to folks of all political stripes. Read full story


P is for Pelican author helps Brain Bags’ message grow

The Brain Bag project also gives parents a lesson in early brain development before they leave the hospital, meant to help new parents learn a bit about the critical role of language and talk in the way a child's brain develops, especially in the first three years of life. Read full story


Update: Brain Bags growing in the community

The next phase of our work is find ways that the Brain Bag curriculum can support what these good folks do every day, to help them help adults do right by the children in their lives. Read full story


Update: Early Learning Garden

The garden is one way that a group of people wove the concept of creating an Early Learning City into their area of expertise — architecture and design. Read full story


Heavyweights weigh in on prekindergarten

At preschool research summit, experts say kindergarten and early elementary grades should be viewed as “charging stations” for sustaining and building on early learning gains. Read full story


Brain Bags launch as part of Early Learning City effort

The first IMPACT Brain Bags are going home with new moms at Pensacola area hospitals. The bags were designed as early literacy gift bags to help parents begin to understand the power of parent talk in the early development of a child’s brain. Read full story


Pen Air Credit Union, Wahoos, SCI announce partnership

Later this month, Pen Air Federal Credit Union, Blue Wahoos and Studer Community Institute will host a special event to announce a partnership to benefit the Institute's Early Learning City effort. Read full story


Update: Brain Bags on target to launch mid-March

The Brain Bag is meant as something to help get the conversation started — between parent and child, grandparent and child, and between parent and healthcare professional. Read full story


Update: Parents key to building better babies

Parents are their children’s first teachers and if we are to have any success to build better babies, we have to reach parents to help them become the best first teachers they can be for their babies' earliest years and beyond. Read full story

Studer Community Institute

Update: Building a community to build a baby’s brain

At the heart of Studer Community’s Institute mission of improving the Pensacola Metro’s quality of life is getting more kids ready for kindergarten. Read full story


Update: The Brain Bag Roadshow

The Baby Steps book is meant to help parents track some of the developmental markers in the first three years of a child's life. Read full story


Museum Plaza will contain early learning elements

The University of West Florida Historic Trust broke ground on Jan. 31 for Museum Plaza, a historic preservation and education project that will help tell the story of Pensacola’s rich history. Read full story