Escambia County


School grades: Santa Rosa up, Escambia stays the same

School grades provide parents and the general public an easily understandable way to measure the performance of a school and understand how well each school is serving its students. Read full story


County’s Play, Grow Learn effort offering spring break program

Escambia County's Play, Learn, Grow program is offering a free spring break camp. Check out the details here. Read full story


AARP rates Pensacola’s livability

AARP's Livability Index shows Pensacola metro area's strengths and shows health, other areas as places where the community has room to improve. Read full story


How early education career academy is building students experience

A partnership among the Escambia School District and the Early Learning Coalition is helping students with an interest in early education gain critical experience — and credentials that will help them in the working world. Read full story


Ensley Elementary builds on sense of family

Boosting basic reading and math skills will be at the heart of the plan to improve Ensley's showing on state standardized tests. Read full story


Lincoln Park always working to refine chemistry with staff, community

Staff works to harness each others strengths to make staff development, joint planning, parent involvement all work together to benefit the students. Read full story


Sherwood staff brings everyone to table to help students

Targeted interventions in reading, focused parent outreach — including home visits — and training for teachers are part of Principal Larry Knight's plan for improvement at Sherwood Elementary School. Read full story


Warrington working to bridge gap between school, community

Second year principal says building a strong culture, targeted reading interventions, focusing on growth are watch words for this school year. Read full story


Weis working to change community from the roots

With a focus on families, early learning the community of teachers at C.A. Weis Elementary School are working to improve student performance from even the earliest ages. Read full story


Putting poverty on Escambia’s map

Mapping shows that lower-graded Escambia elementary schools serve neighborhoods with pockets of poverty among children

Mapping the elementary schools that were graded lowest on the Florida Standards Assessment reinforces the tie between poverty, education. Read full story


University of West Florida Haas Center to study election process

The UWF Haas Center will survey voters this election season to track satisfaction with the availability of voting options in the county. Read full story


Can a washer and dryer boost attendance?

At schools such as Ensley Elementary, staff look from all kinds of ways to boost parent engagement and student attendance — as some districts did last year with donated laundry machines. Read full story