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School grades: Santa Rosa up, Escambia stays the same

School grades provide parents and the general public an easily understandable way to measure the performance of a school and understand how well each school is serving its students. Read full story


FSA reading, math scores released

Florida education officials released school-level data for reading and math scores on the 2016 Florida Standards Assessment test. How did your school fare? Read full story


How readiness weighs on VPK providers

As state education officials struggle with measuring kindergarten readiness, VPK providers too face consequences from the uncertainty. Read full story


Finding and defining a quality teacher

It's hard to define and they are hard to find, but quality teachers determine the quality of education a child receives in school. Read full story


The economics of a high school diploma

There are many reasons to celebrate the increase in graduation and the benefits it brings to a community. Read full story


Are graduation rates telling the real story?

As the nation's graduation rate reached an all-time high at 82 percent, some critics are questioning the methods some states are using to measure how students are earning their high school diplomas. Read full story


Nation’s high school graduation rate reaches record high

For the fourth consecutive year, the country’s graduation rate has continued to climb, which reflects continued progress among the nation’s high school students. Read full story


Improving graduation rates is a boost for the economy

Improving graduation rates will take serious investments from the entire community, as well as structural changes in the education system. Read full story


Milton High’s graduation rate rising to the top

The high school graduation rate is used as a barometer of the health of a community and the skill level of its future workforce. Last year nearly 90 percent of seniors at Milton High School graduated in four years, an increase of 10 percentage points over five years. Read full story


School district leaders call FSA scores ‘flawed’

An independent study found that FSA results could be used for teacher evaluations and school grades, but school district leaders still oppose the statewide exams. Read full story


Education leaders decry tougher FSA standards

Pensacola area school officials believe a move to set proficiency scores on the FSA at a higher bar to match other tests does a disservice to students and teachers. Read full story


State colleges no more?

State Sen. Joe Negron is proposing legislation to limit college offerings that he says overlap with what four-year universities already provide. Read full story