Gov. Rick Scott


Time to get serious about public education

With per-student spending $3,000 less than the national average, state newspapers challenged policymakers to make public education a priority. Read full story


Investing in our children and schools

Preparing children for kindergarten and helping them finish high school is crucial to this community’s economic health and overall quality of life. Read full story


Gov. Scott pitches business-friendly tax cuts

Sales tax holiday, break on commercial lease taxes, tax break on buying manufacturing equipment all part of Gov, Scott's tax-cut proposal. Read full story


Can we really handle the truth?

Gov. Scott has been making claim of historic spending on public education ever since his 2014 re-election campaign, but is it fact or fiction? Read full story


Lawmakers say complaints continue about Florida unemployment website

Floridians continue to report problems with the state's 2-year-old unemployment benefits website. Read full story


Millions for industrial parks on Santa Rosa’s legislative wish list

Economic development is high on the list of projects at the Santa Rosa Legislative Delegation public hearing on Sept. 22 in Milton. Among them Santa Rosa County is asking for $8.8 million to begin work on infrastructure at Whiting Aviation Park, a 269-acre industrial park with access to a 6,000-foot airstrip at Whiting Field Naval Air Station. Read full story


Retailers pitch back-to-school tax break

With the tax free holiday starting Friday, a lobbying group for retailers is working on plans to encourage lawmakers to extend the discounts next year and include several proposed sales-tax breaks that failed to win legislative support this year. Read full story


Scott selects Shirley to represent Florida at Great American Seafood Cook-Off

Today, Governor Rick Scott announced that Chef Jim Shirley will represent Florida at the 12th annual Great American Seafood Cook-Off. The event, designed to spotlight America’s best seafood communities and chefs, is scheduled for Saturday, August 8, 2015. Read full story


Gov. Scott signs landmark pension reform bill

The new pension reform agreement between the City of Pensacola and the firefighters’ union was the third agreement reached by the mayor, following the significant reforms negotiated with both the general employees’ union and police union in 2012. Read full story


Scott vetoes bills on convenience stores, Citizens Insurance

Scott said one measure (HB 755) would force convenience stores to add "potentially costly security." The second bill (HB 1087), he said, "undermines progress" in shifting policies into the private insurance market from the state-backed Citizens. Read full story


Hospitals push back against Scott on revenue sharing, data

Florida hospitals fired back Monday against Gov. Rick Scott in the latest salvo over the governor’s suggestion that the health-care facilities mimic professional baseball teams in sharing revenues. Read full story


Scott signs bill to scale back testing

Gov. Rick Scott on Tuesday signed a wide-ranging bill aimed at rolling back the number of tests given to public school students, capping off a discussion that saw Florida Republicans ease back at least slightly on a longstanding principle of the state’s education-reform movement. Read full story