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Seeing the PreK investment as economic development

Early learning is an investment that saves public money in the long term — something that should appeal to folks of all political stripes. Read full story


Who will be at the Light Up Learning fundraiser?

Studer Community Institute is proud to host the Light Up Learning fundraiser on June 22 at Sanders Beach Corrine Jones Community Center beginning at 5:30 p.m. Read full story


Update: Brain Bags growing in the community

The next phase of our work is find ways that the Brain Bag curriculum can support what these good folks do every day, to help them help adults do right by the children in their lives. Read full story


Heavyweights weigh in on prekindergarten

At preschool research summit, experts say kindergarten and early elementary grades should be viewed as “charging stations” for sustaining and building on early learning gains. Read full story


Talking PreK in San Antonio

Julian Castro was 34 when he began serving as mayor of San Antonio. He was 39 when he became the U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Read full story


Helping children in their growth and development

Throughout Escambia County are agencies and organizations that offer services to assist young mothers and their children in their growth and development. Read full story


Update: Build a brain one step at a time

As state of Florida officials prepare to rollout a new kindergarten readiness test next school year, it is more important than ever that every parent understands the importance of talking and reading to a child before the first day of school. Read full story

Studer Community Institute

Update: Building a community to build a baby’s brain

At the heart of Studer Community’s Institute mission of improving the Pensacola Metro’s quality of life is getting more kids ready for kindergarten. Read full story


What’s in Gov. Scott’s 2017 budget for early learning?

Statewide proposed increase of $36 million in early learning could mean nearly $1 million for two programs in Escambia County, local officials say. Read full story


Brain Bag teaching points can help ‘language nourishment’

Georgia is tackling the "30 million word gap" as a matter of public health. We hope the IMPACT Brain Bag can be a small piece of a similar effort in Pensacola. Read full story


High quality childcare is vital to kindergarten readiness

Choosing quality care is important for babies and toddlers, who need nurturing, safe environments in order to thrive. Read full story


Report: What an Early Learning City could look like

The Studer Community Institute's Early Learning City "white paper" is a look at our suggestions for the path to creating a community that supports parents and helps them make the most of "the first 1,000 days" — the critical first three years of a child's life. Read full story