Malcolm Thomas


New kindergarten readiness rate to come

Florida Department of Education has chosen a new kindergarten readiness screener, which will be used beginning this school year. Read full story


Kindergarten readiness a priority at Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park Primary School has risen from the brink of closure to become a bright spot in Escambia County School District. Rising from an F to an A based on the state's rating system, Lincoln Park also scored a 100 kindergarten readiness rate. Read full story


Teachers make a difference

Teacher of the Year winners representing more than 20 Escambia County schools attended a daylong workshop to share their experiences, learn new things and build better and stronger relationships. Read full story


Florida again struggles with testing readiness

Problems with the way kindergarten readiness is calculated at the state level make it hard for districts that want to use the data to do so. Read full story

Studer Community Institute

‘Be the Bulb’ challenge looking for good ideas

The "Be the Bulb" challenge is to generate ideas and find solutions to improve kindergarten readiness in Escambia County. Read full story


Graduation coaches keep students on track to finish school

The increasing use of graduation coaches has proven effective in keeping students on track to graduation from high school in four years. Read full story


ECARE’s Reading Pals help children get ready for school

While no single factor determines whether a child is ready to start school, ECARE wants to ensure that every child in Escambia County learns to read so they will be prepared for kindergarten. Read full story


The economics of a high school diploma

There are many reasons to celebrate the increase in graduation and the benefits it brings to a community. Read full story


The high cost of high school dropouts

How costly is the decision to drop out of high school? The average dropout can expect to earn $44,000 a year less than a person who earns a diploma and graduates from college with a four-year degree. Read full story


Finding ways to fix the Florida Standards Assessment

Since statewide testing begin in 1998, educators and parents have complained about the accountability system and the flawed results of the high-stakes testing. Read full story


The new normal in kindergarten readiness

Changes will see providers evaluate preschoolers to gauge kindergarten readiness beginning next year

Pensacola area VPK providers get ready for the "new normal" as changes to how kindergarten readiness is measured begin rolling out. Read full story

Pensacola Metro Dashboard

Education, economy critically linked for Escambia’s future

The Pensacola Metro Dashboard shows grows in many areas for Escambia County — and shows where the gaps remain for our community to fill. Read full story