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Career day gives Weis Elementary kids a glimpse of their future

Career day is no longer just for middle or high school. Exposing children at a young age to the world of work can help broaden their perspective and spur them to more interesting and productive careers. Read full story

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SCI Training: Leveraging employee engagement

How can employee engagement work for you and your business? Learn more on Feb. 24. Read full story

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Finding generational harmony in the workplace

Thomas Greek, vice president of learning, development and communications for Navy Federal in Pensacola, shared the secrets of his credit union’s success at balancing generational difference Read full story

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Smart businesses make the most of every generation’s strengths

How does Navy Federal bridge the generation gap? “As a leader, you have to be flexible,” says VP Thomas Greek. “If you don’t give Gen-Y feedback, you do so at your own peril.” Read full story

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How does Navy Federal bridge the generation gap?

Studer Community Institute continues its training series Sept. 15 with “Maximizing Generational Differences in the Workplace"

Navy Federal Credit Union has found success bridging the generation gap in the workplace. Thomas Greek will share the strategy Sept. 15 at an SCI workshop, "Maximizing Generational Differences in the Workplace.” Read full story

Training & Development

How to make hiring your business’ strength

If every applicant looks good on paper, how do differentiate the good from the better — and find the best employee for you and your organization? Read full story


Here’s what makes millennials fail at work

What makes millennials successful and what causes them to struggle, according to writer Peter Economy. Read full story


Striving together to improve our community

Strive Together works with communities to improve education outcomes by helping them find better ways work together toward a common goal. Read full story


Pensacola’s 2015 a big year in business

From Navy Federal and The Bluffs to downtown Pensacola, 2015 was a year of big business news in the Pensacola metro area. Here's your recap. Read full story


What Millennials want from coaching

Millennials crave mentoring and coaching in the workplace, but research shows they aren't getting it — to the detriment of themselves and the companies they work for. How does Navy Federal make a home for Millennials? Read full story


Navy Federal joins Samsung Pay service

Navy Federal Credit Union and SunTrust will be among the next group of banks whose cards will support Samsung Pay, the cashless payment system similar to Apple Pay. Read full story


Making the IT revolution work for you

In Pensacola's ever-changing IT world, speakers urged job seekers to find ways to make their skills apply, broaden their human network connections. Read full story