Brain Bags boost Arc, Early Childhood Court programs

The SCI Brain Bag is being used throughout the community in many ways to help parents understand the power of talk and interaction to build a baby's brain. Read full story

SCI Building

Photo Gallery: SCI building brainstorming

Nearly 200 people attended public input sessions on Sept. 20 to brainstorm ideas in design and function for the new Studer Community Institute building. Read full story


CivicCon launches with a look at good growth in cities

Speaker series sponsored by Studer Community Institute and the Pensacola News Journal begins Sept. 26

Hear Charles Marohn in “Is Pensacola a Strong Town?” on Sept. 26 at the Pensacola Little Theatre, 400 S. Jefferson St., in Pensacola. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. and the presentation begins at 6 p.m. You can register here. Read full story


SCI debuts commercial on Early Learning City

A new commercial, set to begin airing on Cox and At&T Uverse the weekend of Sept. 9-10, aims to explain the idea of an Early Learning City Read full story


PYP Quality of Life survey 2017

More people in Escambia County and in the City of Pensacola feel that things are heading in the right direction than they did last year — and there more room for improvement. Read full story


VIDEO: Early Learning Garden opens today

The custom designed and landscaped play area at Bodacious Brew-Thru dive-thru coffee shop is another piece of the Studer Family of Companies vision for building an Early Learning City in Pensacola. Read full story

Training & Development

EntreCon Pensacola 2016: A look back

As we are hard at work planning EntreCon 2017, here's a look back at the highlights from the 2016 event. Read full story


AARP rates Pensacola’s livability

AARP's Livability Index shows Pensacola metro area's strengths and shows health, other areas as places where the community has room to improve. Read full story

EntreCon 2016


Jim Sparks with the UWF Center for Entrepreneurship talks about networking and what he learned at EntreCon 2016. Read full story

EntreCon 2016

VIDEO SHOWCASE: Building a culture for success

Entrepreneur Harold Griffin Jr is the owner of Groceries 2 Go and Northwest Florida Transport & Limo. Read full story

EntreCon 2016

VIDEO SHOWCASE: What entrepreneurs learned at EntreCon

Local entrepreneur Lloyd Reshard discusses what he learned at EntreCon 2016. Read full story

EntreCon 2016

EntreCon photo gallery: Thank You Local Entrepreneurs

EntreCon 2016 was a two day event that brought together the local entrepreneur community to share, network and to make the Pensacola Metro community the greatest place to live in the world. Read full story