Phyllis Pooley


Where is Pensacola’s “digital divide’?

Now the digital divide seems to be falling alone income level, a factor most often influenced by education, employment and, sadly enough, race or gender, writes UWF's Phyllis Pooley. Read full story


Redevelopment needed to fight urban sprawl

When it comes to urban sprawl, the Pensacola area has been hampered by new housing being located farther away from the employment centers of the community, says UWF's Phyllis Pooley in her latest column. Read full story


Does another housing bubble loom in Northwest Florida?

Now, just 10 years removed from the height of the housing bubble, there are whispers that another bubble is forming. What does the data say? UWF's Phyllis Pooley explains. Read full story


How benefits have grown as cost of doing business

UWF's Phyllis Pooley writes about how the rising cost of fringe benefits, such as health care, and how that affects wages and employment. Read full story


Increased minimum wage may not be enough to support many families

The case for a living wage is a strong one, but whether simply raising the minimum wage to attempt to accomplish it remains an interesting if not fully answered question. Read full story


Data suggest Boomers aren’t taking Millennials’ jobs

If it isn't Baby Boomers keeping Millennials out of a job, what is impacting unemployment among Pensacola's younger workers? Read full story


Demand for highly skilled workers outstrips supply in Pensacola

Phyllis Pooley, director of special projects for the UWF's Office of Economic Development and Engagement, shares her perspective on underemployment in Northwest Florida. Read full story

"A Brain Drain"

Escambia County struggles to retain high-income households

The University of West Florida's Phyllis Pooley analyzed population migration data for the Pensacola metro area and found Escambia may be having a "brain drain." Read full story


If Asheville can do it, why can’t we?

Pensacola is becoming the kind of place that someday will land on the list among the best cities to start and grow a business. Read full story


Visitors loved Pensacola area in 2014 — a lot

1.8 million people hit the western gate to the Sunshine State

The Pensacola metro area saw 1.8 million overnight visitors in 2014, according to newly updated figures released by Gov. Rick Scott's office. Read full story