More on the Vanderbilt Preschool study and its fallout

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Shannon’s Window: The power of play to build brains

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VPK in Florida grows up

State program that makes a half-day of prek free to all 4-year-olds is a decade old

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Helping 5-year-olds make the grade

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Early education

Does universal pre-K help the children who need it most?

Universal pre-K has been touted as a panacea in early education, but new studies show the children who would most benefit — the poor, the disengaged and the disadvantaged — get short-shrift if the program isn't fully funded. Read full story


Shannon’s Window: Kindergarten readiness scores remain in the dark

The problems in calculating this year's kindergarten readiness scores highlight the fact that the problems with FSA writing test weren't an aberration. Read full story