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Leading with Impact – Learn Leadership Skills to Optimize Outcomes

Join Studer Community Institute for ” Leading with Impact – Leadership Skills to Optimize Outcomes” This session on “Leading with Impact” provides tools and guidance on optimizing critical leadership skills that positively impact organizational outcomes, team effectiveness, and personal development. During the workshop, you will be guided through a “Leadership Foundational Skill Assessment” as well as a “Productivity Assessment.” Read full story

Training & Development

MAY 6 TRAINING: The work conversations you dread most

Lynne Cunningham, is the author of a new book on the topic which covers why we shy away from these critical conversations. She provides the tools and tactics to navigate them confidently and effectively. Read full story

Training & Development

Why employee development is a necessity

As Director of Professional Development for Studer Community Institute, I have the privilege of putting together training sessions to help you and your business achieve more. Having seen the benefit in my own life, as well as many friends, colleagues and business professionals, I am a huge proponent of personal and professional development. I know that individuals and businesses that invest in their growth, through learning opportunities, do better than those who don’t. Read full story