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How to get time on your side

Time is a precious commodity that can never be recaptured. Even a few minutes each day can add up to hours, days, weeks and years. Read full story

Training & Development

Hiring can make or break you — choose wisely

Hiring well isn’t easy, but it’s vital to an organization’s success. Learn how to be a hiring pro. Read full story

Training & Development

Make the most of your game face in presenting

Being an effective communicator is a must-have skill for anyone who wants to get a message across. Read full story

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Help your supervisor know enough to say yes to your ideas

People want input. Bosses want staff buy in. Learning to create that idea generation culture takes great skill, but it helps create great companies. Read full story

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Finding the good in your leader

Being a leader is difficult. Being in the middle is even more difficult. In the midst of your own daily grind at the workplace, take a second to empathize with anyone in a supervisory role. Read full story

Training & Development

What’s on your leadership scorecard?

Creating a set of critical leadership skills for your business or organization can help you develop talent and hire smartly. Read full story

Training & Development

When your personal life impacts your work

What is happening to us at home inevitably impacts what we do at work. Here are some tips to find balance. Read full story

Training & Development

SCI Training: Capturing Hearts and Minds

Studer Community Institute launched its 2017 training series with a session by Quint Studer on how engging employees can boost your business and your customers' experience. Read full story

Studer Community Institute

Studer: Not happy at your job? It’s time for a change

To be clear, there is no perfect workplace, and even then, it does not mean that everyone is engaged. But we should try to get as close as we can. Read full story


7 tips to make your work-related resolutions successful in 2017

While most of the popular New Year’s resolutions — eat right, work out more, learn a new language — might be personal, there are always attainable resolutions in the workplace. Read full story


Studer: It’s the time of year to thank your employees

Take time as the year ends to send a note to all of your employees and list the positives. Hang a note somewhere in the workplace listing all the good news. Encourage others to add to the list. Then build it into a regular practice in 2017. Read full story

Training & Development

Quint Studer kicks off SCI’s 2017 training series

Employee engagement will be the lead topic for 2017's first training session

Satisfied employees will do what it takes to get the job done, but engaged employees will use their discretionary effort to go above and beyond what’s required. How can you and your organization tap into that well of effort and goodwill in your own workforce? Read full story