Rachael Gillette

Training & Development

How can content marketing help find the voice of your business

Debbie Williams, co-founder of Sprout Content shares the power of content marketing to build a brand and a business with 150 attendees at Studer Community Institute's skills workshop at Pensacola Little Theatre. Read full story

Training & Development

The best PowerPoint tells a good story

A PowerPoint can be one of the most effective tools presenters can use to convey their message visually. Read full story

Studer Community Institute

A record crowd attends Studer Community Institute’s ‘Achieving Excellent Customer Service’ workshop

More than 250 business owners packed Hillcrest Baptist Church in Pensacola on Tuesday, Aug. 18, to learn about making customers happy. Read full story


Gillette to lead professional development for Studer Institute

The Studer Institute is adding a new member to their team. Beginning February 2, Rachael Gillette will take the role of Director of Professional Development at the Studer Institute. Read full story