Studer Community Institute

SCI Building

Photo Gallery: SCI building brainstorming

Nearly 200 people attended public input sessions on Sept. 20 to brainstorm ideas in design and function for the new Studer Community Institute building. Read full story


CivicCon launches with a look at good growth in cities

Speaker series sponsored by Studer Community Institute and the Pensacola News Journal begins Sept. 26

Hear Charles Marohn in “Is Pensacola a Strong Town?” on Sept. 26 at the Pensacola Little Theatre, 400 S. Jefferson St., in Pensacola. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. and the presentation begins at 6 p.m. You can register here. Read full story

Training & Development

EntreCon 2017: Build and grow your skills — and your business

EntreCon 2017 is bringing a great lineup of speakers to help business leaders and employees develop their skills and lead their businesses to success. Read full story


Childcare centers partner for parent outreach

This fall, SCI and the Coalition will launch a pilot program for LENA Start parent outreach in Pensacola, the first of its kind in Florida. Read full story

Training & Development

Author Dan Heath headlines EntreCon

Studer Community Institute plans to host Community Solutions Center in SunTrust building

Plans also were unveiled for renovations to the SunTrust Building, which will house Studer Community Institute. Read full story


VIDEO: Early Learning Garden opens today

The custom designed and landscaped play area at Bodacious Brew-Thru dive-thru coffee shop is another piece of the Studer Family of Companies vision for building an Early Learning City in Pensacola. Read full story


Chicago Bears showcase Josh Sitton’s good deeds

Chicago Bears profiled Josh Sitton's good works last week in hosting a fundraiser for the Studer Community Institute. Read full story


Who will be at the Light Up Learning fundraiser?

Studer Community Institute is proud to host the Light Up Learning fundraiser on June 22 at Sanders Beach Corrine Jones Community Center beginning at 5:30 p.m. Read full story


Mentors make a difference

Mentors can become the influential surrogate that allows mentees to think through difficult challenges together, break down barriers and open doors where necessary. Read full story

Training & Development

Get the essentials for your company’s success

Let SCI's April 21 workshop, "Passion, Discipline, and Structure: How to Improve Performance by Connecting to Company Values and Standards" help you and your organization grow. Read full story


Pen Air Credit Union, Wahoos, SCI announce partnership

Later this month, Pen Air Federal Credit Union, Blue Wahoos and Studer Community Institute will host a special event to announce a partnership to benefit the Institute's Early Learning City effort. Read full story


Helping parents bridge the early learning gap

A new venture for the Studer Community Institute is to promote parental engagement and help parents bridge the early learning gap to improve kindergarten readiness. Read full story