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Pen Air Credit Union, Wahoos, SCI announce partnership

Later this month, Pen Air Federal Credit Union, Blue Wahoos and Studer Community Institute will host a special event to announce a partnership to benefit the Institute's Early Learning City effort. Read full story


Helping parents bridge the early learning gap

A new venture for the Studer Community Institute is to promote parental engagement and help parents bridge the early learning gap to improve kindergarten readiness. Read full story


SCI partners with University of Chicago in early learning project

Studer Community Institute and the University of Chicago announced a partnership this week to bring an early learning research project to Pensacola. Read full story

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Aspiring entrepreneurs pitch their ideas at Get Started Pensacola

Find out which five entrepreneurs were chosen for Get Started Pensacola, which kicks off EntreCon, the Studer Community Institute’s annual two-day conference in downtown Pensacola. Read full story

Training & Development

EntreCon 2016: Keeps your ears open for details

What can you expect at EntreCon? Have a listen, entrepreneurs. Read full story

Training & Development

Smart hiring saves money, time

How much is your hiring process costing your business? SCI's Hiring Talent workshop offers tools to avoid costly hiring mistakes and have a positive impact on your business. Read full story


University of West Florida Haas Center to study election process

The UWF Haas Center will survey voters this election season to track satisfaction with the availability of voting options in the county. Read full story

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To learn more, read these

If you've been inspired by an SCI training workshop, or a column by founder Quint Studer, check this out to keep the learning alive. You can start this week with our Hiring Talent workshop. Read full story

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CEO rectangular tables recharge the entrepreneur spirit

Want to learn how the CEO Rectangular Table can help recharge your business batteries? Read on. Read full story

Studer Community Institute

Tip your hat to ‘The Bulb’

The Studer Community Institute hat with the Be the Bulb emblem represents citizen-powered change and the effort to improve the quality of life for everyone in the community. Read full story

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Celebrating entrepreneurial success

The Studer Community Institute will honor the achievements and recognize the economic impact entrepreneurs and businesses have on our community through the Entrepreneur Awards. Read full story


Baby talk boosts early childhood learning

This community is on the right track to developing our youth for lifelong chances of success. Investing in early learning is a true investment for our city’s future. Read full story