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Investment in early education through community partnerships

Building relationships and creating partnerships go a long way in establishing programs that help people and communities grow and thrive. Read full story


Promoting child development through home visits

Throughout Northwest Florida are a number of agencies and organizations that offer a variety of voluntary in-home service at no cost to families that qualify. Read full story

Studer Community Institute

SCI TV Show: Setting goals and investing in a community

The Studer Community Institute TV Show continues its efforts to help people understand their community by providing information and news they can use. Read full story


Community School offers physical and mental health care

The community school model at C.A. Weis Elementary School will put a premium on mental and physical health, growth and learning, community engagement and safety. Read full story


Community schools empower people

In June the team that will work on building C.A. Weis Elementary into a Community School visited New York City’s P.S. 5 Ellen Lurie Elementary and Salone Urena de Herniquez Middle schools, models for the program. Read full story