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Training & Development

SCI kicks off 2016 training series

More than 100 people joined the Studer Community Institute's 2016 training and development series with a goal-setting workshop that will conclude on Feb. 18. Read full story

Training & Development

Why employee development is a necessity

As Director of Professional Development for Studer Community Institute, I have the privilege of putting together training sessions to help you and your business achieve more. Having seen the benefit in my own life, as well as many friends, colleagues and business professionals, I am a huge proponent of personal and professional development. I know that individuals and businesses that invest in their growth, through learning opportunities, do better than those who don’t. Read full story

Training & Development

Tenacity gets results

Picture a little dog dragging a huge stick, or a child determined to get to a favorite toy that is out of reach, and you have seen tenacity in action. Read full story

Training & Development

The Trickle-Down Effect of Good (and Bad) Leadership

You make a difference. Read full story

Training & Development

Can you spot a good manager?

As a Forbes contributor points out the importance of supervisors who manage up their employees, let the Studer Community Institute's ongoing education series help you and your organization get on that path in 2016. Read full story

Training & Development

Fire up your productivity all day long

These 11 things can be added to your morning routine to improve your energy and productivity all day long according to this article. Read full story


What Millennials want from coaching

Millennials crave mentoring and coaching in the workplace, but research shows they aren't getting it — to the detriment of themselves and the companies they work for. How does Navy Federal make a home for Millennials? Read full story

Training & Development

How to find out what a company really values — before you sign on

Adam Grant wrote in the Dec. 19 New York Times about the virtues of finding out all you can about what the culture of a company is day-in and day-out before deciding if it is a good fit for you. Read full story


Why 2016 is the year of the entrepreneur

Experts say 2016 is shaping up to be the year of the entrepreneur. Find out why and preregister for EntreCon Pensacola 2016 to start your journey. Read full story

Training & Development

How to thrive in uncertainty

How can you survive, and even thrive, when uncertainty is the watch-word of the day in the business world? Read on. Read full story

Training & Development

Managing workplace gossip offers advice on how to manage workplace gossip before it becomes a distraction and a detriment to your business. Read full story

Training & Development

7 smart habits of great innovators

These seven habits will help you draw connections no one else sees, and keep innovation part of your routine. Read full story