Early Learning City: Architecture and the environment

  • January 8, 2017
  • /   Ron Stallcup
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Early Learning Garden billboard

Bodacious Brew Thru at Main and Baylen streets in Downtown Pensacola.

Children learn from what they see around them.

If that environment is colorful, filled with words and encourages them to explore using all of their senses, their brains will build strong connections and thrive.

Building an Early Learning City in Pensacola includes making the most of public spaces to build moments of learning into things we see every day. This is part of the Studer Community Institute's ongoing series of ads outlining what the path to a community that incorporates early learning into the fabric of the community.

Early Learning adHow architecture and the environment can support early learning. Credit: Ron Stallcup.

We have identified areas that can support children’s play-and-learn areas made with long-lasting vinyl decals that highlight letters, numbers, colors and shapes.

Currently, these play-and-learn areas don’t exist in most neighborhoods. For more information on how you can help, contact: Michelle Henghold, (808)-561-3120 or email at [email protected]

Learn how you can build learning areas into your business; contact Miller Caldwell III, Caldwell Associates Architects (850) 432-9500