Celebrating entrepreneurial success

  • July 26, 2016
  • /   Reggie Dogan
  • /   training-development

Entrepreneurs are visionaries who are instrumental in the success of a business. Their dedicated and tireless approach to enterprise expansion places them at the forefront of business growth and development.

To honor the achievements and recognize the economic impact entrepreneurs and businesses have on our community, the Studer Community Institute is launching the Entrepreneur Awards.

From those who have championed the cause of entrepreneurs to those who have turned adversity into success in another chapter of their lives, these awards will honor small, medium and large business owners.

“The Entrepreneur Awards are the perfect opportunity for our local businesses to showcase just what they are doing and who they are,” said Nicole Webb, the Institute’s director of Marketing and Partnerships. “We’re looking forward to hearing the success stories from entrepreneurs and businesses throughout the community, including start-up companies.”

The recipients will be recognized during EntreCon, the two-day conference set for Nov. 3 and 4. Sponsored by the Institute, EntreCon features speakers and panelists who share strategies for starting and growing businesses.

The Institute currently is seeking nominations in categories that represent a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences to reflect the Pensacola Metro Area.

The categories aim to honor businesses at every stage in their life cycle, from start-ups to family businesses that span multiple generations.

They include:

— Start-Up Company of the Year

— Micro-Business Entrepreneur of the Year

— Entrepreneur Small Business

— Entrepreneur Medium Business

— Entrepreneur Large Business

— Family Business of the Year

— Entrepreneurs’ Champion

— Entrepreneurial Resiliency Award

— The Employee of the Year

— Entrepreneur of the Year

This award celebrates the achievements of an entrepreneur who, in a minimum of three years and a maximum of five years, has developed his or her business into one that’s ready for the next level of growth. The recipient has been successful in building a profitable business since its inception, and can share a comprehensive and sustainable business plan.

It takes an entrepreneurial spirit combined with patience and rigor to move from insights to ideas — and ideas to innovation ready to be tested and implemented.

“EntreCon was founded and exists to help entrepreneurs in their game-changing business efforts, so it’s exciting to be able to honor their work,” Webb said. “It takes an entrepreneurial mindset and real determination to grow new businesses from within, and success provides jobs and prosperity in Pensacola and beyond.”

To nominate someone in one of 10 categories, including entrepreneur of the year, click HERE.