Early Learning Garden to open by late January

  • December 24, 2016
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The Bodacious Brew Thru, a drive-thru and walk-up coffee shop at the corner of Baylen and Main streets will feature an Early Learning Garden for children.

The Pensacola News Journal has posted a story about the Early Learning Garden being constructed The Bodacious Brew Thru, a drive-thru and walk-up coffee shop at the corner of Baylen and Main streets.

The first of two early learning components built into downtown Pensacola's outdoor environment should commence a few weeks after the start of the new year.

Miller Caldwell III

Miller Caldwell III, project manager, Caldwell and Associates Architects

Miller Caldwell III, a partner at architectural firm Caldwell Associates, said workers should finish constructing the Early Learning Garden at The Bodacious Brew Thru before the end of January. Caldwell Associates purposefully designed the garden with elements to stimulate children's cognitive development such as a wooden log course adorned with numbers and letters and vegetation to support the migration of monarch butterflies through the city.

Quint Studer, owner of Studer Properties, said the garden at The Bodacious Brew Thru is part of an effort to integrate early childhood learning tools into regular city environments. Studer Properties is the developer of the coffee shop property. Studer and wife Rishy Studer own the forthcoming shop as well as The Bodacious Brew at 407 S. Palafox St.

Studer said the garden supplements a larger effort undertaken by Studer Community Institute, which was founded by Studer and studies quality-of-life aspects of Pensacola. The institute announced this week a new collaboration with The University of Chicago's Thirty Million Words research team.

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