The power and promise of mentoring

  • September 5, 2017
  • /   Reggie Dogan
  • /   education
Parents sharing information in a LENA Start class. Credit: LENA Research Foundation.

Mentoring has the power to change lives.

As a mentor, you could be the spark that ignites a person’s passion and desire to believe in the impossible and do the incredible.

Many studies have examined mentoring relationships and nearly all of them report some positive outcomes associated with mentoring, including those that report better outcomes with education and work, mental health, problem behavior and health.

That’s why the Studer Community Institute is designing a mentoring program to match young mothers with mentoring moms.

Mother Match will become an important part of the Institute’s Parent Outreach Program that we believe can help young mothers develop the will and that skills to lead successful, productive lives.

As we began the process of implementing the program, SCI is gracious to have the support of and expertise from Pathways for Change’s Stepping Stones mentoring program.

The partnership creates a symbiotic relationship that should help in attracting mentors and mentees who work together to share and learn from each other.

We are fortunate to live in a community in which so many people are willing to selflessly sacrifice their time, talent and treasure to help others who need it.

Several women already have shown great interest in becoming a mentor in SCI’s Mother Match program.

And several women in our Parent Outreach Program already have expressed interest in having a mentor to help guide and support them as they strive to make transitions and take positive steps to improve their lives for themselves and their children.

In creating a mentoring program from scratch, it is encouraging to know that other people in other places have taken that important step for us to follow.

The National Mentoring Partnership provides “research-informed and practitioner-approved best practices for creating and sustaining impactful mentoring relationships and strong program services.

The organization offers a consistent, concise and cogent blueprint to use in creating and building a mentoring program that is effectives, sustainable and impactful.

From recruitment to program planning and management, National Mentoring has developed a “set of guidelines, or common principles” to help guide the development of quality mentoring programs across the country and support the growing field of mentoring professionals.

Find out more about the National Mentoring Partnership here.