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Quint Studer leadership tips

Quint's Column: Tips for new leaders

Leadership transitions are hard, even if they are done well. If you take the steps outlined above, anxiety is reduced, people feel more valued, a great deal is learned, and people get the opportunity to prove themselves.

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Quint Studer

Quint Column: Follow your values

When a person is put in a position that will create a compromise with their values, it is better for the person to stay true to what is right versus doing what is not right.

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Bert Thornton, former Waffle House COO, speaking at EntreCon 2018

Quint's Column: Waffle House's Bert Thornton shares what makes a successful leader

Waffle House's Bert Thornton shares the things successful leaders must have.

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Quint Studer

Leadership development is a good investment

The term “workforce development,” has been popular in leadership circles of late.

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Quint Column: What makes a good mentor

When you’re meeting with your mentor, or if you are just thinking about finding a mentor who can help you, these are some great benchmarks.

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