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Quint Studer Founder and CEO

Quint's Column: The power of knowing the rules

Many times we think we’re being clear when we’re not. What we think we said and what others heard can be shockingly different. Great leaders realize this truth.

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Ten habits of highly effective employees

Great employees are the key to great companies.

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Quint's Column: Tips for new leaders

Leadership transitions are hard, even if they are done well. If you take the steps outlined above, anxiety is reduced, people feel more valued, a great deal is learned, and people get the opportunity to prove themselves.

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Quint Column: Follow your values

When a person is put in a position that will create a compromise with their values, it is better for the person to stay true to what is right versus doing what is not right.

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It's Time to Change the Way We Think About Change

The process of change is ongoing and ordinary. It has to become the essence of how we live.

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