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Quint Studer Founder and CEO

Quint’s column: You can’t please all customers

The goal to please all customers is noble. The reality is, there are times when there are customers who just won’t be pleased.

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Quint column: 10 skills to master as an entrepreneur

Here are the top 10 powerhouse skills every entrepreneur and small business owner should strive to master

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Strong communities are good for business

Small businesses are leading the way to revitalize America. But small businesses can’t do their important work without the support of the community they call home.

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Quint column: Battle back against lack of engagement

Engagement is fundamental to everything else. Without it, you don’t have the best solutions, you don’t build buy in and ultimately, people have no connection to the outcomes.

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Quint Column: What makes a good mentor

When you’re meeting with your mentor, or if you are just thinking about finding a mentor who can help you, these are some great benchmarks.

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