SCI's 2016 training calendar

  • February 5, 2016
  • /   Shannon Nickinson
  • /   training-development

The Studer Community Institute's 2016 training series Feb. 4, 2016 at New World Landing in downtown Pensacola.

More than 100 Pensacola leaders are on hand for the launch of the Studer Community Institute's 2016 training series.

The goal-setting workshop, which continues on Feb. 18, has drawn more than 100 people to New World Landing to hear practical advice about how clear goals and objective measurements can help businesses and nonprofits run smoothly, increase employee satisfaction and boost the bottom line.

In 2015, nearly 1,200 people attended SCI training sessions, which ranged from strategic planning to customer service to EntreCon.

Topics to come in 2016 include:

— Leading and Managing Change, March 1.

— Effective Workplace Communication - How to Cascade Information to Your Entire Organization

— Process Improvement - Reduce Cost and Improve Performance

— Selecting Talent - How to get them and keep them

— Providing Feedback - Taking Conversations from Difficult to Doable

— Maximizing Generational Differences

— Performance Feedback

— Marketing and PR Plans that Work on a Shoestring Budget

— Providing Exceptional Customer Service

— Service Recovery - How to Get a Win out of What Could Be a Loss

— Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

— Creating an Effective Employee Recognition System

— How to Build a System to Capture Great Ideas from Staff and Customers

— EntreCon, Nov. 3-4.

Setting up training and development workshops to help small businesses, nonprofits and other organizations succeed is part of the Institute's mission to improve the quality of life in the Pensacola metro area.

Put one of these upcoming sessions on your to-do list, and check the training and development page.