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Image of Wynter Davis sharing about parent outreach on BlabTv

"Build a Brain" focuses on SCI's parent outreach program

In the latest episode of SCI's “Build a Brain” show, airing Tuesdays on BlabTV, from 5:30 to 6 p.m., Wynter Davis shares the story of how parent outreach has grown.

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Image of Quint Studer speaking to a crowd of people

Quint's Column: The power of knowing the rules

Many times we think we’re being clear when we’re not. What we think we said and what others heard can be shockingly different. Great leaders realize this truth.

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Image of a man holding a baby girl who is holding a book

The first Brain Bag babies are turning 1

Happy birthday, Brain Bag babies! SCI has a gift for you to celebrate your first birthday.

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Image of a woman playing with child while sitting on the floor of a living room

Help Me Grow's founder shares story in Pensacola

Founder of Help Me Grow National Center visits Pensacola to share the story.

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