They say that play is a child's work.

That's what the Making Play Smart project is meant to support. It includes pieces large and small. One example is the Early Learning Sensory Garden at the Bodacious Brew drive-thru coffee shop.

Research shows that being in nature boosts a child's brain development and ability to focus, to be creative and to solve problems.

The Early Learning Garden, designed by Caldwell & Associates Architects, took elements of play and nature and worked to combine them into a learning space that is beautiful and fun.

Another project is a series of decals that can be added to public and play spaces.


The decals are designed for children and parents to interact with together - and the designs are built around early language and numeracy skills children will need for kindergarten.

SCI has partnered with the City of Pensacola's Parks and Recreation department staff, who have identified a targeted list of parks where they'd like the decals to be added. SCI is fundraising to support the design and placement of the decals. The first set was placed at Pensacola Blue Wahoos Stadium ahead of the Aug. 21 solar eclipse.

Studer Community Institute Colorful Hopscotch
Studer Community Institute Turtle

The "look book" that SCI staff designed includes a series of decals that park sponsors can choose from. Next in line for placement are Bayview Park, Roger Scott Athletic Complex, Fricker Center, Moreno Court Housing complex and Aviation Discovery Park. A set of three decals is available for $2,000. Please contact [email protected] for details.

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